Open call: we are organising seminar “Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!”. Want to be part of the Prep Team? Apply now!

We, the digital [x] working group, together with CDN and Revolt are organising an international youth seminar on digital rights. It will take place from 24 – 30 April in Bosnia. It was inspired by a digital [x] webinar that looked at the political reactions sparked by the terrorist attacks in Paris and how the tension between security and freedom was framed by agenda setters. A year later, censorship and mass surveillance are becoming the norm, and we want to fight this: we want to change the discourse to achieve better policy and give everyone the tools to protect their freedom even in hostile environments.

Together we will:

  • explore how recent events have led to fear being instrumentalised to restrict our online freedoms;
  • analyse how online censorship and mass surveillance are justified by governing bodies, why these policies are ineffective at increasing security;
  • see how they harm personal freedoms and democracy;
  • look at why anonymity and privacy is important for oppressed and minority groups to avoid persecution and harassment.

Also, the seminar will include multiple sessions on using software that allows you to stay anonymous and overcome censorship.

During this week-long event we will bring together 40 young people from all over Europe. This event will burst the Green bubble by closely collaborating with digital rights and hacker organisations from across the region and the rest of Europe. This seminar is not for nerds only, it will unite people who are new to the topic with seasoned digital rights activists. We aim at creating a vibrant environment to produce sustainable and long lasting collaboration to fight for our common digital rights!

If you are curious about what’s at stake in the online world and how it connects to the wider political struggles of our time, join us! Everyone is warmly welcome!


Date: 24 – 30 April 2017
Duration: 6 working days
Location: (close to) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Working language: English
Number of participants: 40


The programme will be based on the principles of non-formal education and intercultural learning. We strive for active, inclusive and direct communication and transfer of knowledge. Sessions will be balanced between theoretical inputs, workshops, role-plays, debates, discussions, reflection and other interactive methods of learning.

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Image by Tom Blackwell (Creative Commons BY -NC)

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15th digital [x] meeting – planning a seminar and being big on Twitter

In the first meeting in 2016, digital [x] debated topics ranging from our report to the GA to the price of fish & chips in the UK. The two main tasks that we talked about were the European Youth Foundation application that we are currently preparing and how to continue the posting of news that we have started on Facebook some time ago. Regarding the application, we decided to have additional working group meetings to define the topic of the seminar and to start working on it now in order to try – once again – to avoid last minute stress. On the posts that we’ve been doing on Facebook, we’ve decided the last details of posting on Twitter, which we will start any day now!

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First digital [x] webinar a success!

On 16 December, digital [x] organised a webinar about the effects of the Paris attacks on digital rights. We looked at the impact of the attacks on the current political debate and how that illustrates the tension between security and freedoms online.

This was our very first webinar, and we did not use any special webinar tools – just mumble, etherpad and some online slides. As planned, it all took two hours: introduction, presentation, discussions in small groups and a plenary at the very end. (more…)

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digital [x] is organising a Webinar!

Dear people!

The recent tragic events in Paris are used by some politicians to argue for security measures that severely harm our human rights. Many of these are in the online sphere, where the proposed and actual legislative changes include censorship without judicial oversight, limiting our right to data protection, adding backdoors to encryption, re-introducing data retention, and increased mass surveillance. (more…)

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11th digital x meeting – we are still rocking!

It’s been a while since our last post. Time to update you on what’s up with us!

The digital [x] working group met this Tuesday and while few attended, we had a very cosy mumble atmosphere with a quite productive output. Firstly we discussed the strategy for our daily posts on current events, interesting projects and what’s on in digital activism and culture. For now we are posting it four times a week in our Facebook group and you are very welcome to check it out here. Another project we are working on at the moment is the webinar that will take place on the 9th of December. In this webinar we will look at mass surveillance and data collection in light of the recent events in Paris and what implications the fear of terrorism has on the European political debate regarding cybersecurity measures. A more detailed webinar announcement and how to sign-up will follow shortly this week. Everyone is welcome to join, participate and contribute! Stay tuned 😉  


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5th meeting – deadlines rule!

The 5th digital [x] meeting took place on the 18.08.15.  This meeting was dedicated to the setting up of the three projects that our working group has agreed on during the previous weeks. To start work and move beyond the project planning phase, we have decided to start working with short-term deadlines in order to achieve real progress soon.

We have identified the concrete goals that need to be achieved until our next meeting so that we can move on from there. As one of our projects we want to organise a seminar – here our task until the next meeting is to identify possible sources for funding and research their application criteria. If you know of any funders, please drop us a line. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

In our other project, where we want to monitor interesting developments in the digital rights field, we have decided that all ideas on how to implement this should be done until the next meeting. We will then distribute tasks and start realising our projects!

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4th meeting

Similarly to the temperatures, digital [x] is beginning to warm up. On Tuesday, 4 August, we had our fourth meeting, discussing not only planned projects and internal/external communication channels but also the efficacy of our forum. Regardless of our stance toward Facebook, it is still the most important platform when it comes to reaching out to potential new members and partners. We will therefore get started implementing a Facebook profile and integrating it with our other platforms, stay tuned.

We are currently discussing three potential projects:

  • a support network for green organisations
  • an international seminar
  • monitoring of creative and alternative events and forms of digital activism and advocacy

At the moment we are still evaluating the viability and requirements of the projects. The next step will be to develop a concrete outline and get started with the work!
We are looking forward to hearing from you, keep in mind that you are welcome to apply for the Working Group at any point.



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3rd meeting – and now on to the forum!

Almost in the very middle of the summer 2015, on the 21.07.2015, the 3rd digital [x] meeting took place. As the heat and vacation rate starts to increase the participation rate started to decrease. Now we should see if that measure – participation rate – will change or not, because we’ve just took a decision to move all our communication to the forum and get rid of emails while we’re at it. There’s no need for that anymore as out awesome Discourse forum will be sending notifications by email. From now on all questions, issues, proposals, projects, and other shenanigans will be communicated and managed on the forum. This decision was the highlight of today’s meeting and we are now looking forward to see more of our working group members being active on the forum!

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2nd meeting – our work continues!

Today, on Tuesday 7 July, we had the second mumble meeting of the digital [x] working group. Our communication preferences were confirmed and we are now setting up internal and external communication channels, so that we can start working on content. We are still exploring new approaches of how to efficiently define our agenda for 2015. Our first decision was to do it in the forum that will be set up shortly. This has the advantage of allowing us to communicate our ideas, without everyone being present at the same time (that doesn’t work always during our bi-weekly meetings). We will start a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Though they are of course both evil, it‘s one of the ways to really connect to a much bigger community 😉. We have also agreed on focusing on two projects: firstly, a support group that provides CDN’s member organisations and working group with expertise in our sphere and secondly organising a seminar. We still need to figure out the details of our approach, something that we will start doing as soon as our communication channels (forum and chat) are set up. One important next step is to agree on a topic for our seminar and we are looking forward to that.

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digital [x] working group launched with first meeting!

We are happy to announce that the digital [x] working group of CDN has launched with our very first meeting on Jun-17th! This meeting was dedicated to getting to know each other and finding out what our expectations for this year are.

We discussed how we want to organise future work and which tools to use for the team’s communication and cooperation on digital [x] projects. While we are still in process of brainstorming what projects we want to work on, we agreed to focus our attention on a few initiatives, instead of trying out many different things.

So far among the proposed ideas is setting-up a technical-assistance network for young Green organisations that can help with technical matters as well as issues such as open source software, privacy, encryption etc. The second proposal is to organise a seminar on a topic that is still to be defined during the next meetings. The spirit at the meeting was a bit nerdy and very positive, and we are all very much looking forward to getting this new venture rolling and having a long, productive and fun cooperation!

PS: The gender balance was far better than on the above picture.

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