2nd meeting – our work continues!

Today, on Tuesday 7 July, we had the second mumble meeting of the digital [x] working group. Our communication preferences were confirmed and we are now setting up internal and external communication channels, so that we can start working on content. We are still exploring new approaches of how to efficiently define our agenda for 2015. Our first decision was to do it in the forum that will be set up shortly. This has the advantage of allowing us to communicate our ideas, without everyone being present at the same time (that doesn’t work always during our bi-weekly meetings). We will start a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Though they are of course both evil, it‘s one of the ways to really connect to a much bigger community 😉. We have also agreed on focusing on two projects: firstly, a support group that provides CDN’s member organisations and working group with expertise in our sphere and secondly organising a seminar. We still need to figure out the details of our approach, something that we will start doing as soon as our communication channels (forum and chat) are set up. One important next step is to agree on a topic for our seminar and we are looking forward to that.