4th meeting

Similarly to the temperatures, digital [x] is beginning to warm up. On Tuesday, 4 August, we had our fourth meeting, discussing not only planned projects and internal/external communication channels but also the efficacy of our forum. Regardless of our stance toward Facebook, it is still the most important platform when it comes to reaching out to potential new members and partners. We will therefore get started implementing a Facebook profile and integrating it with our other platforms, stay tuned.

We are currently discussing three potential projects:

  • a support network for green organisations
  • an international seminar
  • monitoring of creative and alternative events and forms of digital activism and advocacy

At the moment we are still evaluating the viability and requirements of the projects. The next step will be to develop a concrete outline and get started with the work!
We are looking forward to hearing from you, keep in mind that you are welcome to apply for the Working Group at any point.