5th meeting – deadlines rule!

The 5th digital [x] meeting took place on the 18.08.15.  This meeting was dedicated to the setting up of the three projects that our working group has agreed on during the previous weeks. To start work and move beyond the project planning phase, we have decided to start working with short-term deadlines in order to achieve real progress soon.

We have identified the concrete goals that need to be achieved until our next meeting so that we can move on from there. As one of our projects we want to organise a seminar – here our task until the next meeting is to identify possible sources for funding and research their application criteria. If you know of any funders, please drop us a line. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

In our other project, where we want to monitor interesting developments in the digital rights field, we have decided that all ideas on how to implement this should be done until the next meeting. We will then distribute tasks and start realising our projects!