Digital [x] is the digital rights working group of the Cooperation and Development Network (CDN), an Eastern European association of Green youth with 17 member organisations.


CDN set up the Open Source Initiative in 2013 to promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and to discover and develop FOSS tools useful for youth activism. This working group has organised and participated in a number of events and workshops. In our work we have realised that it is important to work not only exclusively on topics connected to free and open software but to cover a larger range of topics related to digitisation and the internet. 
We have decided to transform the Open Source Initiative into digital [x]. As the working group’s name implies, anything digital can fit its scope. Possible topics include everything from digital rights, open culture and knowledge (including FOSS), security, digital privacy and more. We are a new working group and the exact topics we will work on depend on the interests of our members. We are very open to ideas and want this group’s direction to be decided based on our members’ interests.

Currently active members

Max Weber

  • Likes net neutrality and cats.

Julian Hauser

  • Even though Anya seems to imply that nerds can’t be cat lovers, that’s not true. Other than cats, I also love philosophy and how it connects to technology and culture. Member of the Executive Committee of CDN.
  • Blog

Anya Orlova

  • A true cat lover among these two nerds, member of Network of EuRopean Digital Youth (NERDY), member of CDN working group RUMB.

Zoey Prigge

  • A person.

Djalel Boukerdenna

  • Green activist. Likes free stuff.